Advice from Austin Attorney Rick Cofer on Inspirery

Austin-area attorney Rick Cofer recently did an interview with Inspirery about his legal career. The criminal defense attorney spent nearly a decade as a prosecutor and having served as the mental health attorney for the Travis County District Attorney’s office. In addition to serving as a member of the Texas Bar, the attorney is a firm believer in meeting one’s civic responsibility. Cofer spearheaded the passage of Austin’s Universal Recycling Ordinance as well as the city’s ban on plastic bags. In addition, he sits on the city’s Parks and Recreations board, as well as the boards of a number of local non-profits.


During the interview, Cofer talked about how he stays productive. The law is a time-consuming profession, to be sure, and any attorney needs to know how to manage his or her time wisely. One tip he has for the reader is to take care of things as they come in. This is advantageous since you end up dealing with something fewer times, because you don’t need to triage the task more than once. Another interesting approach is designating one day a week to focus on tasks that require your undivided attention, so as to minimize their impact on your day-to-day operations.


Another surprising suggestion that Rick Cofer makes is to subscribe to your local newspaper. He makes the point that although it may seem somewhat anachronistic, it is the best way to keep track in your local community, and papers provide lots of information that simply isn’t found on TV news. He is an avid reader and has read The Economist since he was in middle school. At this stage of his career, his main focus is continuing to provide excellent service to his clients. He advises aspiring lawyers to always consider that your clients may forget how what you said to them, but they won’t forget how you made them feel while they entrusted you with their lives.


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