Assistant Professor Anthony Constantinou

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Anthony C. Constantinou is an assistant professor and the Head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at the Queen Mary University of London. He is also the principal investigator at EPSRC Fellowship and the editor of PLoS One, according to his own website.

The individual is very interested when it comes to doing research on a wide range of topics which include sports, economics, finance, gaming, and medicine. Anthony Constantinou has served a number of positions as a consultant, scientist, assistant consultant, with a lot of experience at the University. The assistant professor has a P.h.D from the Queen Mary University of London, along with attending the University of Hertfordshire with a Bachelors in Science and a Masters.

Articles written by him can be found on his Twitter account, along with his Facebook profile and informative information on finding jobs. The individual has also written many articles on business trends, football, and other informative topics. Some of his articles have been featured on other sites and he has completed a number of P.h.D. projects too. Some of them have been funded and he enjoys researching various topics in his free time and discovering new things or information.

Anthony Constantinou has collaborated with other organizations and applies his own knowledge in addition. According to Google Scholar, his areas of concentration include data mining and machine learning at Queen Mary University at London, where he also resides currently. The professor publishes opportunities for students to apply to the college and give them scholarships to attend.  See Related Link for more information.


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