Bruce Katzen Sits On Top Of The South Florida Attorney World


It can take a lot to reach the top of any industry, never mind something as complicated as legal practice; however, that’s precisely what Bruce Katzen has managed to do in South Florida. He’s currently the Chair of Trust and Estate Litigation at Kluger Kaplan Silverman Katzen, which has been one of the leading law firms in South Florida over the past half-decade. He’s also one of the four founding partners of the company.

To date, Bruce Katzen has been focused mainly on probate litigation and trust and guardianship disputes, although he’s also worked on cases involving commercial matters and stockbroker liability. His experience in these fields has led him to become well renowned in the industry; he’s frequently been able to successfully close cases involving the likes of financial fraud and franchise disputes. His expertise in financial cases stems from his training and work as a Certified Public Accountant.

Because of this extensive background working as an Accountant, he’s been able to show clients that he can understand even the most complex financial cases that he works on. This understanding, as well as his extensive skills as an attorney, has led Bruce Katzen to become one of the go-to attorneys for major financial cases. This expertise has also led him to be able to more effectively and accurately question witnesses and other experts involved in a case. That ability has often been shown to make or break an attorney’s ability to close a case successfully; luckily for Mr. Katzen’s clients, he’s frequently shown that he’s been able to handle himself in any kind of financial lawsuit. See more about Bruce Katzen here.

Bruce Katzen graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University in 1980 he earned his CPA. He followed this by attending the University of Miami School of Law; he graduated with his Law degree magnum cum laude and also served as the salutatorian of his class. This education has continued to be shown off throughout his entire career, where Mr. Katzen has always brought as much passion and determination to each of his cases that he brought to achieving his education. See his educational background here He’s currently based in Miami, South Flordia.


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