Edwin Miranda; Cytovance’s New Face Of Quality


Edwin Miranda Steps in as Cytovance’s VP

January 2018, Cytovance, a biopharmaceutical contract company that deals in the manufacture of mammalian and microbial biologics, announced its new vice president of quality department; Edwin Miranda. Cytovance draws a foundation of their research from mammalian cells and microbial fermentation for pharmaceutical productions. Miranda’s reception to Cytovance by its staff was one that was full of optimism owing to his immense expertise in pharmaceutical industry.


Edwin Miranda completed his Chemistry and Biology studies at the Angelo State University with a Bachelor of Science. He has worked in Keppra® where his supervision saw to an FDA approval. It shall also be remembered that together with his team and with their dedication to excellent delivery, he was able to launch the New Drug Application. Edwin Miranda served terms at Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging and Primal Critical Care Inc. and URL Pharmaceuticals. In all the above companies, his work was to oversee the quality systems and regulatory compliance functions.

With Edwin Miranda Ahead, all is Well

It is his profound and far-reaching experience of a whole thirty-three years that the Cytovance’s team feels lucky to finally have Edwin Miranda amongst them. Other qualities of Mr. Miranda that the team at Cytovance really appreciate are his leadership skills and generally his knowledge. These have not only earned him popularity in Cytovance but also branded him an invaluable asset especially since he has joined team in time for the PAI set to February 2018 by Cytovance.

In his newly acquired position in Cytovance as the vice president of Quality functions, Mr. Miranda will be in charge of the entire team. With his know-how in regards to FDA inspections, it is Cytovance’s hope that he will be of great value in their team as they get ready for their first PIA.

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