Forex Traders Win and Still Lose Money, Explained by Jordan Lindsey

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In most human endeavors to win is to succeed, but not in forex trading. Oddly many traders have winning records, yet still, manage only to break even or worse – lose money. That is to say; although they have more winning trades than losing trades – nonetheless, they come up empty.

On first hearing this it may seem impossible, but when you take time to analyze what they are doing the flaw in their methodology becomes all too apparent. The issue is in the magnitude of the winners and losers. When they win, the gains tend to be small relative to their losses. It is as though they are taking two steps backward for every one step forward. That is no way to get ahead.

When Mr. Jordan Lindsey, the founder of JCL Capital, says that it is possible to make millions of Dollars trading forex he is telling the absolute truth. However, you will not get there with a “negative expectancy strategy.” Any system a trader may devise must be able to yield a profit. Either that or you do not have a business – you have a hobby.

Most traders winning more than they lose only tells us that the majority can spot winning trades. All they need to do is to filter out the problem trades. They are like difficult employees, and you are the boss. As soon as they show signs of being weak producers or laggards you owe it to yourself to cut them loose.

Jordan Lindsey encourages traders to restate their goals daily. One of those goals needs to be to limit your losses. You can best achieve that by allowing your winning trades to carry as far as the trade winds will take them. While nipping your losing trades in the bud as fast as you can, and without hesitation.

Being realistic doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your forex dreams, as Jordan Lindsey says. In fact, being realistic should force you to formulate a working plan. All of your trades should have a sensible profit to loss ratio which favors profits. Risk less than you stand to gain on every trade, and your winning ways will carry you to your forex dreams.

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