Gareth Henry Witnesses the Rise in Popularity of an Alternative Asset

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There is a wide array of different investment products for investors to choose from, as Gareth Henry can attest to in his 20-year career working in the alternative asset investment industry. But appetite for one particular type has been increasingly growing noted Gareth Henry while he held the position of Head of Investor Relations for Fortress Investments and Angelo Gordon. The type of investment product that investors are increasingly loving is hedge funds. This is reflected in the fact that the amount of assets investors is allocating to hedge funds is at its highest level in three years. So far this year investors have allocated 28 percent of their total assets into hedge funds, as compared to only 12 percent a year ago. See more of Gareth Henry on facebook

The dramatic rise in hedge funds’ popularity has served to rank hedge funds second among the top alternative asset classes, behind only private equity by 1 percent. Hedge funds are so named because hedge funds not only hold stocks long, but short as well. Hedge funds allow investors to make money regardless of the direction of the market, be it up, down, or sideways. Further hedge funds love volatility and tend to accrue in value from volatility in global markets stemming from conditions such as changing economic conditions and rising interest rates. These unique attributes of hedge funds explain why investors are increasingly falling in love with hedge funds and why they have allocated a total of 3 trillion dollars into hedge funds.

Gareth Henry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Mathematics from the University of Heriot Watt of Edinburgh in Scotland. Recently, Mr. Henry has established his own firm to serve investors by providing them with a wide variety of different services, such as using his expansive network that he established in his 20-year career in the alternative asset investment industry to get the word out on an investment product or to raise capital for an investment product. Gareth Henry can also add alpha to an investor’s portfolio so that it can perform better than the market.

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