Guilherme Paulus Discusses His Passions And Drive


1972 proved to be a period of significant change for Guilherme Paulus, as the one-time IBM intern, met with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari while on a boat trip, and was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. Cerchiari, who was interested in opening travel agency in his hometown, struck a deal with Guilherme Paulus, who agreed to perform the day-to-day operational tasks, while the former provided startup capital. After four years of working together, Paulus parted ways with Cerchiari, and by 1995, the hotelier and entrepreneur had opened his first hotel and created the starting point for what would eventually become GJP Hotels and Resorts. Today, under the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, GJP Hotels and Resorts has grown to become the most prominent business of its kind throughout Latin America, with more than 20 locations belonging to the GJP banner.

Over the course of his career, Guilherme Paulus has blazed trail throughout the Latin American touring industry, and because consistent innovation within the sector, he was named the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017. He attributes much of his success to hard work, perseverance, and fearlessness, but it is his passion for his career, and consistently positive outlook, that has driven the hotelier to the upper echelon. With over 5,000 people employed by GJP Hotels and Resorts, Mr. Paulus makes an effort to visit a number of his hotels each week, giving him the opportunity to view the daily operations from an intimate perspective. This also gives Mr. Paulus the chance to nurture the many relationships that he’s developed with his staff, as well as his consumer base.

In order to remain at the forefront of the touring industry, as an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus stays in tune with upcoming, as well as existing technologies that will affect industries around the world. As information continues to be transferred in faster and increasingly innovative ways, the separation between business and client has been, effectively, minimized by a tremendous margin. Mr. Paulus’ passion for entrepreneurship is only heightened with the exciting breakthroughs currently taking place, making more possibilities available each day. When reflecting on his career, Mr. Paulus highlights the ability to seek and receive advice, as a point that he would stress to his younger self, being that, this is often a valuable tool that is underutilized in early adulthood.

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