How James Dondero uses philanthropy to make the world a better place

The Texas community has always benefited from the generosity of James Dondero, an established entrepreneur, and philanthropist who serves as president of Highland capital management. James Dondero has always been on the frontline of charity activities, and recently spearheaded the restoration of the hippo habitat in the Dallas zoo by donating $1 million to support its construction. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

What caused closure?

The people of Dallas and visitors from outside this community had always enjoyed seeing hippos in the zoo, up until 2001 when the management decided to close it down. This came after one of the senior hippos in the habitat named Papa died. However, they can now enjoy the beauty of this wild animal, as the zoo plans on rebuilding the habitat. The project is set to cost around $14 million, but with donations from philanthropists such as James Dondero, there is no doubt that the habitat will soon be functional.


More philanthropic acts

As mentioned earlier, James Dondero has always had a big heart, and this is not the first time that he is giving back to the community. His passion for empowering others has seen him dedicate approximately $3million of his annual income, to random charity platforms that require financial backing. To ensure that only deserving organizations benefit from these funds, Mr. Dondero joined hands with Ms. Mary Jalonick to establish the Highland Dallas foundation.

James Dondero also assigned Linda Owen, the previous COO at Woodall Rodgers park foundation, the duty of researching and informing him about the different non-profit agencies that help empower residents of North Texas.

Through Highland Capital management, James Dondero has also supported numerous other charities such as the George W. Bush presidential library and institute, and the Education is freedom organization, among many others. Read more about James Dondero at


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