How Rocketship Public Schools is Boosting Love of Education

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Recently, an article in NPR made statements that Rocketship Public Schools was off their game. The CEO of this charter school spoke out, sharing his thoughts about how charter schools have come under attack before. Although many parents and teachers were outraged by the piece ,Preston Smith himself wanted to square away what was misguided in the blog post written by the NPR blogger.

Preston Smith stated openly that yes, “our students are impressive”. However, he wanted to address that the blogger was undermining the education that students at Rocketship Public Schools are getting. The primary goal was to attack the education model that doesn’t utilize testing on a consistent basis.

Almost 100% of the students returned to Rocketship Public Schools for another year of school. That is a high number for any charter school. Because the school doesn’t have a strict set of rules, like a defined time for enrollment, but they do have assigned seats that they return to willingly and with excitement as they refer others. Those seats are zoned according to their district, making it easy for the students to find them.

One of the most significant events, was a recent meeting held a Rocketship Mosaic Elementary, where more than 240 parents attended to demand that Rocketship Public Schools stay open. Currently, more than 72% of students have referred other families to this charter school system.

A local school district was also mentioned, regarding the fact that their district had low test scores, but that parents were still happy. The blogger never mentions that district. The blogger does continue a rant in which she mentions retesting to prove test scores of students in Rocketship Public Schools. See Rocketship Public Schools reviews here

Rocketship Public Schools was founded by Preston Smith, who is also a father and has his children in this school system. The education follows the charter school model, and is slated for low-income families in California, Tennessee, Washington D.C., and even Wisconsin.

Having started out as a teacher, Preston Smith later went on to become a principal. Although policies have changed regarding retesting, requests were honored, and scores were consistent with a high rate of academic success.

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