Jim Larkin- Revolutionized Irish Workers

James Larkin was also known as the big Jim was an Irish trade unionist who used the military style to send his message across. He changed the famous fair day work and made it the fair days pay. Born in Liverpool slums in 1876 Jim Larkin knew the hardships of life and his parent were not in a position to educate him hence minimal education.

To help his parent Jim started doing manual jobs, and his hard work materialized when he got a position of Liverpool docks foreman. Jim was the most significant communist ever in Ireland and had a passion and commitment to ensure all the workers received fair conditions. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Biography

Jim Larkin got fulltime opportunity to work as an organizer at National Union of Dock Labourers where he used his military strike action to rule. The National Union of Dock Labourers panicked due to his robust and military strike method, and in 1907 they moved him to another working center in Dublin.

While he worked at Dublin, Jim Larkin formed two great unions that fought for the rights of workers and later merged all the unionists in Ireland to create a big unified group.

Jim Larkin in December 1908 outlined the purpose of the union and demanded pension for both skilled and unskilled workers until the age of 60 years, he requested for the legalization of working for eight hours per day and provision of government work for unemployed.

Additionally, Jim felt that workers needed adult suffrage, compulsory arbitration courts, and means of transport to and from work and nationalization of canals.

In 1912 Larkin joined hands with James Connolly to form the most prominent political party in Ireland the Irish Labour Party that led to series of workers strikes and the mega one was in 1913 where more than 100,000 unskilled workers of Dublin Dock went on strike for seven months.


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