Krishen Iyer Demonstrates Success With Email Marketing

Krishen Iyer is founder and owner of Managed Benefits Services, in Carlsbad, California. The company was originally Carlsbad-based but has relocated to Carlsbad. Krishen Iyer orients his marketing company toward lead generation and consulting applicable to health and dental insurance businesses. His recent success with emails in a non-traditional field for email marketing demonstrates his savvy to succeed where it might be unexpected.


Krishen Iyer uses creative methods that end up with results tops in the industry. He uses an in-house platform with appealing capture pages to engage email recipients to act with maximum click-through rates. Bear in mind that email marketing, when it is successful, has a high ROI with low operating expenses.


Krishen Iyer proceeds with an intense analytic approach. His clients can best match optimized leads with a potential buyer. Krishen Iyer has a favorite tool called data analytics software that gives detailed information such as demographics, how to avoid low-quality traffic and using analytic scoring methods to determine the efficiency of email results. Trial and error, repeat testing and result tabulations are produced in organized information gathering charts. The in-platform system makes it convenient for clients to readily identify features that improve click-through rates from emails.


Just purchasing email lists and sending out messages will not produce a satisfactory ROI for the email campaign. It has been found that the content of the emails need to contain what the email recipient expects. The emails must be personal, relevant and provide a possible solution to a problem. The software technology performs the analysis to determine if the email was opened and read. It can also monitor the clicking of a link after reading the email. Some potential customers, for example in the healthcare field, would rather read an email and proceed to a website via the link as compared to talking to an office receptionist on the phone.


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