Life and Times of Daniel Taub in Office

Daniel Taub is a former Israel ambassador who represented Israel in the United Kingdom government. The British born diplomat emigrated to Israel many years ago, and he becomes an Israeli citizen. The diplomat resigned as an ambassador to the United Kingdom his native homeland in 2015 having achieved a lot in his four-year tenure in office.

Daniel’s tenure in office was characterized by many positive impacts between the Israel government and the United Kingdom’s government.

Trade between the two nations was greatly boosted. In fact, hundreds of Israeli businesses have expanded their operations to the United Kingdom and have set up many bases in the country. The diplomat also is in the record for promoting education and cultural exchange between the two nations.

Education background

Daniel Taub was schooled in the United Kingdom, his native homeland. The well-known diplomat attended Haberdashers Aske Boys Secondary School. The school is located in Elstree Hertfordshire. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

He later joined Oxford University College in London. Toub after graduating from Oxford joined Harvard University to pursue a law degree. He graduated years later with a degree in Law from Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

Work Experience

Daniel Taub has had rich work experience in his career. He emigrated to Israel from the United Kingdom in 1989. Upon settling in Israel, Taub joined the Israel Defense Forces. He was a doctor in combat with the forces.

Taub also served as a reserve officer in Israel’s international law division. From 1991, Daniel Toub worked with Israeli foreign affairs ministry and had held many key positions in the legal and diplomatic field.

The 58-year-old diplomat was also very instrumental in providing solutions to the current events in Middle East countries including Iran nuclear weaponry and Gaza Crisis and the current ISIS terrorist group which is a threat to security in the world.

His breakthrough in his career came in 2011 when he was chosen by the Israel government to be an ambassador. He was ambassador to the Israeli government in the United Kingdom for four years from 2011 to 2015. He resigned after a highly successful career as a foreign diplomat. He is currently the Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation.

The former diplomat is also a great writer. he has written many articles in Israel and Middle East. Most of his articles have appeared in the local dailies in Israel and the Middle East. The diplomat has also written several books. He is also a lecturer and a great public speaker.

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