OSI Group Has Done Food Processing Right


OSI Group has focused on the meat side of food processing and supply for most of the companies lifespan and they have become a multi-billion dollar and multi-national corporation in the last 100 years that they have been in business. OSI has headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, which is where the company was founded in 1909, but they have food centers spread out across 17 different countries around the world today. In these 17 nations, OSI Group has built up more than 60 food processing facilities as well, which gives them a major impact on the food market around the world. All of these facilities take a lot of work to manage as well, which is why they have more than 20,000 trained employees to handle the workload.

Over the years of OSI Group’s journey, they have been able to merge with many different corporations and acquire many others. This has actually been critically part of their expansion over the years. Today, they are in control of various different food corporations from around the globe that contribute to their size and influence. Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO for OSI Group has built a business model on sustainability and growth. His intention is to keep OSI growing long into the future to be the top food corporation in the market. They have recently acquired several companies to further their expansion as well, including Baho Foods, Tyson Foods, and Flagship Europe.

In their early days, OSI Group was a butcher shop at heart, which is why they only focused on meat products for a long time. When they formed a contract with McDonald’s, all they really needed to supply was beef products and they had so much to supply they didn’t need to worry about adding food products. Today, Sheldon Lavin has pushed for increased food production for different kinds of foods other than meats. That being said, OSI is a true meat supplier that is the main provider of beef to McDonald’s along with many different meat products to fancy restaurants all over the world.

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