Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie on new advertising efforts

Papa John’s has been in a different direction with new advertising efforts as new CEO Steve Ritchie is looking to make the brand even better and satisfy customers. The new efforts are in response to crumbling sales as the new CEO wrote a letter to all employees, customers, and stores to make some changes to make more revenue. Along with all this, team members of the company will be doing mandated training all across the country that includes diversity efforts. According to the article, Steve Ritchie has been quite busy visiting with many different franchises across Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detriot, and more states to get advice on what the pizza chain can do to improve and satisfy customers. The brand is looking to include more diversity in their company by hiring people of different backgrounds and ethnicities. They are even building up and planning on using a group of knowledgeable people to help them out as the new CEO sees that adding diversity will only help out the pizza chain and he sees it as a mandatory step. Papa John’s will also be rolling out two separate programs: one that will be focusing on expansion and development and the other of a foundation that wishes to make an impact in the community as the chain wants people to be happy and form connections with others. The first program will be helping women and minorities, while the second will be an ongoing effort to improve the community. Steve Ritchie spoke on starting out in the food industry because he strongly believes that it brings people together and knows that people of different backgrounds can work well together and compromise on anything. One of his utmost priorities being the CEO was including diversity and in bringing people together for one great cause and that is providing terrific service to customers. One source, the Washington Street Journal, believes that time is needed to boost sales and Papa John’s recognizes that too. The pizza chain will still be looking to ramp up advertising and marketing campaigns to attract appeal to people.


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