Robert Ivy Believes Success Comes From Working With Professional Bodies


Many professions require a large amount of education to be undertaken by those hoping to become members of any profession.

Robert Ivy, the Executive Vice-President, and CEO of the American Institute of Architects believe professional bodies can pick up the slack left when students enter their chosen profession. For Ivy, the chance to work with a mentor within a professional body or trade association can make a major difference in how well an architect performs during their career.

The aim of the majority of professionals is to create a career they can be proud of as fast as possible after leaving college. In terms of the architecture sector, Robert Ivy believes the support of a professional body can assist in securing a fast rise through the industry as fast as possible. Like many other professional trade associations, the AIA provides explicit job search advice and services. However, Ivy points to the networking opportunities offered by those choosing membership as improving job seeking prospects.

One area many architects do not consider when deciding whether to join the American Institue of Architects is the increase in political lobbying opportunities available. Robert Ivy has overseen a return to importance for the AIA in terms of the position the group occupies in Washington D.C. as powerful fighters for all in the construction industry. Ivy admits the association is not the largest of the 92,000 trade associations in the U.S. but the importance of the group is now recognized throughout the nation. One of the most important areas of success for the American Institute of Architects has been in securing a better tax status for architects and their clients.

Securing membership to the American Institute of Architects is not solely favored towards those working at a major practice in New York or another metropolitan area. Robert Ivy believes all architects should have the opportunity to join regardless of where they are located in the U.S. and has overseen a change in fees offering reduced rates for members in rural parts of the nation.

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