Successful Businessman Jacob Gottlieb Gives Back to the Less Fortunate

It is good for society when a successful businessman like Jacob Gottlieb decides to give back to the less fortunate by investing time, energy and resources to local charities in their city. Our society functions better when men of success and renowned devote themselves to eliminating some of the ill effects of the downtrodden and less fortunate in our society. Jacob Gottlieb the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Visium Asset Management LLC. Visium Asset Management LLC was founded by Jacob Gottlieb in 2005, and it has become a well-established very profitable Asset Management Company on Wall Street in New York City, New York. Throughout his career, Jacob has developed a pattern of success through evaluating companies and picking successful winning stocks based on his extensive analysis. After establishing himself as a very successful entrepreneur and businessman, he has begun giving back to the City of New York through various charitable organizations. One organization, in particular, is Covenant House that helps homeless children in the city of New York to reestablish themselves back into society. Another organization Jacob devotes time and resources to is the Math for America. This organization was formed to help foster the promotion of mathematics education and the resulting opportunities provided to individuals that can develop and expand their knowledge of mathematics and mathematical concepts. Another worthy charitable organization that Jacob Gottlieb gives to is called Robin Hood charities. Robin Hood charity is an organization established to fight poverty in the City of New York and provide resources and opportunities to those individuals who are battling the rising prices of goods and services through inflation in the United States in order to live a productive and prosperous life in the city of New York. Jacob has made it a priority in his life to not only be successful on Wall Street as an investment manager but also to be successful within society by giving back to others that are less fortunate and just need a helping hand.


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