Susan McGalla Highlights What Women In Business Can Do When They Are Given A Chance

Susan McGalla is showing the strength of women in the business world. She has presented herself as one of the more powerful leads that comes to business, and Susan is someone that other female entrepreneurs can look up to. It does not matter if it is a woman that wants to go into business for herself or if this is a woman that wants to one day become a CEO inside of a corporate organization. Susan McGalla has allowed herself to be utilized as someone that can help all of these different types of women.

She is someone that has been able to see the need for women to have something to look forward to. She knows that there are a small number of women that are in the business world, but she has a great feeling about being able to help those that would aspire to get into this type of business. She has two pointers that women need because she has already gone down the road of trying to penetrate the industry.

From her time as a college student majoring in marketing she knew that her rise to success would come through higher education. This is what she gives as advice to women that want to pursue corporate America. She believes that higher education is the key to success. It is already known that there is a barrier for women that are trying to get into the business world.

There are some college dropouts that become Fortune 500 company leaders, but this is less likely for women. The stories of men like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs are rare occurrences for women. Susan McGalla believes that women that want to succeed in the business world must get the degree in order to get inside of a corporate structure where they can gain experience. She believes that gaining experience, coupled with the degree, will provide greater opportunities for success.


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