Sussex Healthcare


When families need to find a safe environment for their beloved family member, they are often stressed and unsure of what options that they have. Sussex Healthcare understands family’s dilemmas. They have been chosen first by families for well over 25 years now. Their attention to every detail sets this healthcare organization apart from the rest. They use a holistic care plan model for every individual residing in their comfortable facilities. Sussex Healthcare aims to make their buildings look more like a home environment instead of the expected sterile cold settings seen in many healthcare institutions. Families are encouraged to talk with the staff and arrange for a complete tour of any facility that they are considering.

In addition to the low-key cozy surroundings, Sussex Healthcare delivers fast and impressive nursing services as needed. Therapists trained and well versed in physiology and occupational fields also work with the residents. Sussex Healthcare has fine recreational pursuits and group classes. These exciting sessions keep mental faculties stimulated and physical movement encouraged. Trained recreational therapists ensure that all residents have important activities each day on a rotating basis. The therapist also works individually with each resident to find pursuits and hobbies that make the resident feel accomplished and busy.

While Sussex Healthcare is known for its customized elder care, they also have care homes equipped to care for Alzheimer and dementia diagnosed persons. These special units enable greater independence within a safer environment. The staff in these facilities must pass further training to be selected as caregivers in these units. They make use of reminiscence type sessions, novel memory box items and comfy rooms that include personal items that are meaningful to each resident. All residents are treated with complete respect and dignity on every level of their care in these facilities.

Families that have younger adult children that suffer with profound learning and/or physical limitations or disabilities often feel overwhelmed. Sussex Healthcare has special treatment and residential units ideal for these situations. Each person is encouraged to fulfill goals and function at the highest level possible. Staff members are highly trained to deal with day to day care, suitable activities and emergency situation responses. These cared for individuals will have personalized equipment options, communication aids and other technological therapy tools. Additionally, these unique facilities are designed with extreme safety measures. Sussex Healthcare remains committed to delivering outstanding and individualized healthcare


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