Tony Petrello Has Donated Millions Of Dollars To Help Solve Neurological Problems In Children


Tony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries, which is an oil drilling company that has been in business for some time. Petrello is one of the highest paid CEOs in his industry and in any indsustry, and in 2015, his total calculated compensation for FY was $27,512,939. What people outside of his native state of Texas may not know is the fact that Petrello is not your typical CEO, and he definitely isn’t what you would think a CEO of an oil drilling company would be. While he is a passionate leader in his industry, he is even more passionate about something else, and that something else is helping other people out.

Tony Petrello doesn’t simply give to receive praise or to be recognized by others, instead, he gives in a very genuine way and hopes to make a real impact in the world. His wife, Cynthia, and himself have donated more than $7 million to the Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute, which is a part of the Texas Children’s Hospital of Houston. The institute has dedicated itself to figuring out the reason why neurological issues occur in children and infants, and it hopes to be able to treat or rid the world of brain damage in children.

For Tony Petrello, and his wife, this cause is very near and dear to their heart, and this is because their daughter, Carena, has the neurological disease, periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), which happens to babies who are low in weight at birth and are born prematurely. Carena has had problems with walking, speaking, being able to eat by herself, and a lack of control of her motor skills, in general. After discovering that their daughter’s case was not unique, the Petrello’s wanted to be able to do as much as they could to help out with other kids, along with theirs, that suffer from these kinds of life-changing issues. How Tony Petrello Helped Houston With Hurricane Harvey Relief

In the beginning, Tony Petrello figured that there would be doctors who were working on a solution or that, at minimum, they would have some kind of understanding of the problem. When he discovered that there was little known about neurological disease in children, he felt frustrated and wanted to be a part of figuring out solutions. Luckily for researchers and doctors who were on the same page as Petrello, his donations quickly went to the exact places that it was needed. He is also directly involved with Texas Children’s Hospital as a member of its Board of Trustees. The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

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